上海市慈善基金会是一个由非营利性法人代表的机构。自1994年5月成立,16年以来,在各级党政领导以及海内外社会各界的大力支持下,上海市慈善基金会把上海的慈善事业办得红红火火、生机勃勃。 这十六年,上海市慈善基金会坚持"依靠社会办慈善,办好慈善为社会"的路线,连续多年举办"蓝天下的至爱"等形式多样的慈善活动,成立了上海慈善物质管理中心,吸引了百余万市民和数万家单位的参与,使募集基金累计十多亿余元,为发展慈善事业奠定了良好的物质基础。 兴办慈善实事,是上海慈善事业的永恒主题。上海市慈善基金会积极开展募捐活动的同时,始终坚持以"党和政府最关心、社会困难群众最需要"为出发点,总共出资5亿余元,成立了慈善教育培训中心、众仁服务中心,积极实施了"安老、扶幼、助学、济困"等慈善实事,使50万余名困难市民直接受益,为建立和谐社会做出应有的贡献。 上海市慈善基金会坚持依法治会,制定和完善了各项规章制度,成立了监事会,聘请了常年法律顾问、常年会计顾问参与日常管理,自觉接受社会监督,信用为3A等级,从而树立了良好的公众形象。

The Shanghai Charity Foundation was founded as a non profit making organization, in May 1994. For sixteen years, under the support of the Party and the Shanghai Municipal Government, the Foundation has established itself as a leader in the Chinese charity sector. Its work is done at all social levels both home and abroad and the support comes from a public scale that covers people from all walks of life.

For more than a decade and half, the Foundation works on the principle of "charity from our society for our society". A series of successful benefit events have been carried out under the "Deep Love Under the Blue Sky" project. Later, the Shanghai Charity Materials Management Centre was established, it attracted the participation of thousands of organizations and millions of ordinary people, resulting in an accumulated fund of well over one billion RMB in equity, forming the basis of a solid foundation.

Real and sound charity work is the ongoing theme of Shanghai's charity work. At the peak of the Shanghai Charity Foundation's fund-raising drive, the Foundation is persistent on the philosophy of "the Party and the government's main concern is always at the moment of public needs". A total of 500 million RMB was used to fund the founding of the Charity Education Training Centre, Public Service Centre, and programmes to help the aged and the very young, projects in education and in helping those on the poverty line. Over 500,000 people were direct beneficiaries, a mammoth contribution to the harmonious society we now live in.

Shanghai Charity Foundation insists on operating in accordance to the law with stringent regulations and by-laws. The Foundation has its own legal advisors, financial advisors and accounting advisors who all participate in the management of the Foundation. With annual auditing and self scrutiny, the Foundation has a triple "A "credibility. It enjoys a public perception second to none.