08年度的舞会善款至今已达380万余元将悉数用于援助灾区中的老人和儿童,帮助他们重建健康身心和家园。 巾帼圆桌基金已开始了在四川的工作。我们的1000顶帐篷已到江油市雁门镇,并已启用。基金的社会服务小组的两个副主席也已自费到成都以外6小时车程的灾区了解情况。又有会员到上海对口支援的城市都江堰,为资助项目做先锋工作 —— 此外,基金还将继续原有的日常公益事务,救助更多有经济困难的重病儿童。

In 2008 our hearts went out to those struck by the tragedy of the Sichuan earthquake. Joining with efforts to rebuild the region, WRTT raised over RMB 3.8 million to help both the young and old whose lives were devastated by this disaster.

The Trust's work started the week following the Ball. The two vice-chairladies of Social Services Committee, visited Sichuan, paying their own way, to an remote areas 6 hours' drive from ChengDu.

1,000 tents have already been delivered to and used at Yan Men district of Jiang You City. Members of the Trust continue to pay visits to Du Jiang Yan – the city teamed up with Shanghai for re-building again. The projects currently being looked for are primarily educational or Homes for the Aged.

The Women's Round Table Trust is still looking to aid children with serious illness. All members, in particular those of the Social Services Committee, are stretching every penny raised to make sure the Trust's projects are worthy of the donors' expectations